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Man gets probation, fine for stabbing

Following the altercation, the victim slashed the tires of the car Roulette was in. Police received a call reporting a stabbing at the Keystone Motor Inn on July 10, Crown attorney Brett Rach said. An investigation revealed Roulette had gone to the Keystone to play slot machines with his friends and got in a confrontation with another man, which Rach said resulted in Roulette pulling out a knife and stabbing him. The wound was a minor one and didn’t require medical attention, Rach added. Video surveillance showed Roulette and the victim walking to a car in the parking lot with the victim holding a knife and then putting it away. The two can be seen having a discussion before Roulette takes out a knife and swings it at the victim, who then takes out a knife himself and stabs the tires of the vehicle, Rach said. The disagreement surrounded money the victim had lent Roulette, Harrison said, and that he wanted interest after Roulette paid him back. The victim is also facing charges for possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Roulette was arrested on July 20, 2017, Rach said, where police found a concealed machete on him.

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